5 Of The Best Cideries In Denver For When You’re Craving Something Sparkling

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

5 Of The Best Cideries In Denver For When You’re Craving Something Sparkling

There’s even a Swiss place doing unfiltered hazy ciders.

Sometimes you just want a little something different. There’s been an increasing popularity in hard spritzers and tonics this year (maybe a combination of 2020s stay-at-home and I-still-want-to-drink vibes) and we predict that ciders are about to return to the spotlight as well. To anticipate this movement, we wanted to highlight 5 of the best cideries in Denver that you can try right now. So without further ado, here’s our list for you and your friends to check out on those warm summer nights.

1. Haykin Family Ciders

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Haykin Family Cider is a little outside of Denver in Aurora, but we don’t think that should discourage you. Here, Haykin Family Cider does pressed, fermented, and bottled ciders in a beautiful taproom setting. Not only do they do glasses and flights in their taproom, but you can also purchase retail bottles for home. According to the website, the flavors of these ciders are akin to sparkling wines. Their four on-tap ciders focus on apples grown from different regions or seasons–from fall time apples to apples grown in Upstate New York, all with their own unique flavor notes. You can get a flight of 3 for $8 or a glass for $6.

Where: 12001 E 33rd Ave unit d, Aurora, CO 80010

2. Colorado Cider Company

Colorado Cider Company is located throughout Colorado, but thankfully, there’s one located in Denver. Their story comes from their interest in expanding the shrinking Colorado Apple Industry due to a lack of variety found in the state, and their flagship cider is their Glider Cider, which contains sweet and tart apple notes. Another yummy cider you might want to try this summer is their Cherry Cider, which is a rosé color with a distinct cherry flavor that enhances instead of overpowers. Check out their taproom and buy a pack of ciders for home.

Where: 2650 W 2nd Ave #10, Denver, CO 80219

3. Waldschänke Ciders

This Swiss-inspired craft cider and craft coffee shop was voted best in Denver and third best in the world. Pronounced [ vahld • shen • kee ], this unique spot offers a coffeehaus, ciders, and food trucks. Their ciders are done in the traditional Swiss method which means unfiltered, hazy, and less carbonation. If you’ve never tried unfiltered cider before, you may be surprised at how strong the flavors are, but likely this will be something you quickly learn to love or even prefer. Some of Waldschänke’s ciders are their Kumquat Did You Say? a cider that’s tart and citrusy or their Onyx Berry, which is an unfiltered Blackberry cider.

Where: 4100 Jason St, Denver, CO 80211

4. Locust Cider

Another skip and a hop away from Denver is Locust Cider, located in Lakewood. This cidery is all about natural flavors and hard ciders, and often their menu is filled with delicious fruity takes. From Hibiscus to Blackberry to Honey Pear and even Vanilla Bean, this is the place to go for the biggest range of cider flavors.

Where: 7260 W Alaska Dr Unit A, Lakewood, CO 80226

5. Stem Ciders

This rustic taproom located in RiNo serves craft ciders and plays live music, and could you ask for more? Not only can you try these tasty craft ciders in house, but you can pick up some cans to take from home. They’ve got a crisp Paloma Apple Cider in a cute peach and turquoise can with fresh pressed apple juice, grapefruit puree and black peppercorns, and a Lavender Apple Cider with apple juice, cinnamon and cardamom notes, and dried lavender.

Where: 2811 Walnut St #150, Denver, CO 80205

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