Avalanche Warnings Are Still In Effect Today Near Denver

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Avalanche Warnings Are Still In Effect Today Near Denver

There’s an avalanche warning in Aspen and Gunnison areas until Friday at 7a.m.

Colorado has seen some wintry weather this week with a snowstorm hitting Wednesday night. Denver itself has been relatively dry and warm, along with Boulder. The backcountry has been pretty devoid of snow up until now, so for skiers, the snow is a welcome surprise. The snowfall was up to 2 inches an hour with up to 60 mph winds during the storm, hitting Snowmass Ski Resort the hardest with 20 inches, which will lead to a much better ski season in the upcoming weeks. Denver didn’t see much in the way of weather during the storm, being outside the perimeters.

Here are some of the snowfall totals from the past 24 hrs. A band of heavy snow set up over portions of W-Central CO yesterday which led to some of the highest amounts. For a more complete snowfall map with the latest totals, please visit https://t.co/giCj6yZF5x pic.twitter.com/OaL5hTKkAv

Strong winds coupled with heavy snowfall will push the travel advisories into level 4 or 5, which is considered dangerousy high. The Aspen and Gunnison region are the epicenter of the travel advisories, with large natural and human-made avalanches expected. The avalanche warnings will be in effect until Friday morning at 7a.m., according to the forecast report. The avalanches triggered could be large enough to “bury and kill a person,” according to the report, so extreme precaution is recommended. Traveling through these regions are not recommended.

We’ll continue to update on any changes in weather advisories throughout the state.


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