This Wine Bar Will Transport You To Cosmopolitan Capital Of The Mediterranean, Barcelona

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Wine Bar Will Transport You To Cosmopolitan Capital Of The Mediterranean, Barcelona

What if we said you could visit Spain for a fraction of the price?

Welcome to the beach city of Barcelona, where the sun is always shining, the weather is always fair, and the wine is always flowing. While international travel is still not quite what it used to be, that’s alright. For now, you can visit Barcelona Wine Bar and indulge yourself in tapas and glasses of cold, crisp wine straight from Catalunya.

The executive chef of the Denver location, Greyson Kindy, has been around the nation perfecting his craft (and even was advised once by the late and great Anthony Bourdain) before becoming inspired by the collaborative nature of cooking he witnessed in the beautiful Barcelona.

The wine list is a work of art in itself, but with a name like Barcelona Wine Bar, you should have expected it. The menu is incredibly extensive. First, and this is important, you choose the type of wine you’d like–and from where. Do you like reds and want to try one from Spain? Then you may want to try a glass of rioja in either modern or traditional. But BCN Wine Bar also has delicious wines straight from France, Italy, and Portugal as well.

Their tapas list is as authentic and creative as they come, from patatas bravas which are roasted potatoes with a spicy sauce to gambas al ajillo which are perfect little succulent sweet shrimp sizzling in a hot plate of garlic and butter. Not to mention, they even have three different variations on paellas, mariscos for you seafood lovers out there, verduras for vegetarians, and salvaje that has chorizo, morcilla (which is similar to blood sausage and much tastier than it sounds), pork loin, and chickpeas. Did we mention, they also have an entire brunch menu, and we’d definitely recommend the famous Spanish tortilla, which is more similar to a potato and egg quiche than a Mexican tortilla.

Next time you’re looking for a night out that combines high quality wine with international dishes, Barcelona Wine Bar is your best best. ¡Que Aproveche! 





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