10 Spots For Bulky Breakfast Burritos You’ll Want To Try Around Denver

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10 Spots For Bulky Breakfast Burritos You’ll Want To Try Around Denver

The perfect way to start your day comes wrapped in a tortilla.

Denver doesn’t mess around when it comes to breakfast burritos. Stuffed with pork and green Chile or smothered in Green Chile sauce, layered with beans, cheese, and avocado or simply eggs and potatoes, you can’t go wrong. Here are 10 of the best breakfast burritos we could find the Mile High City, so we hope you’re hungry!

1. Bacon Social House

Bacon Social House will be reopening next Friday, February 26th, and just in time for you to try one of their delicious breakfast burritos. The Denver location’s got a scrumptious-sounding breakfast burrito on the menu. Smothered in their pork and green Chile sauce and topped with cheese, this burrito is also packed with more pulled pork, black beans, bacon tots, scrambled eggs, and a tomatillo salsa. Reservations are required for their re-opening so make sure to call ahead here.

Where: 2434 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

2. Urban Egg

Head on over to Urban Egg for a breakfast burrito that comes in either meat or vegetarian options. Wrapped inside a green Chile burrito is scrambled eggs, black beans, hash browns, a pepper and onion cheese blend, a choice of red or green Chile, and a choice of either chorizo, bacon, or Portobello mushroom.

Where: 6991 E Belleview Ave, Denver, CO 80237

3. Coffee for People

If you like your burrito simple but cheesy and delicious, try the Backpacker Burrito filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, jack cheese, mild green Chile, and crispy hash browns. Yum! They’ve got another breakfast burrito too if you want something a little different. The Telluride Burrito that’s got the same egg and cheese base but with added black beans, avocado, and chipotle mayo. One of each please.

Where:  3000 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211

4. Steuben’s

Smother is in the name of the Steuben’s breakfast burrito. Yum! On their brunch menu, they’ve got this yummy burrito smothered with pork green Chile, tomatoes, and sour cream and stuffed with scrambled eggs, a cheddar + mozzarella blend, crispy smashed potatoes, green onions, and salsa roja. For an additional $4, you could even add chorizo.

Where: 523 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

5. Bonfire Burritos

Stop by Bonfire Burritos if you’re in the mood for a delicious takeaway burrito. They do a lot of different types of burritos (could you tell by the name?) but there’s something special about their selection of breakfast burritos. They offer a lot of variety, which you could get in taco, bowl, or burrito version, but we know which one you’ll be getting. Choose from one of their 6 flavors: Chupacabra, Burro, Jackalope, Javelina, The Classic, and Bon-Asaurus. All have the base of eggs and hash browns, but the Burro ventures off into spicy territory with the inclusion of roasted Anaheim peppers, jalapeño, and green Chile. The Bon-Asaurus is also completely vegan if that’s more your style.

Where: 2221 Ford St, Golden, CO 80401

6. Hoja

Hoja’s burritos are huge and available for in-store pickup. They’ve got a few traditional style burritos elevated with different ingredients like kielbasa in the burrito titled ‘The Weight,’ or in their ‘Living Lox Vida Loca’ burrito with Nordic lox, dill, cashew cream, and spicy avocado mash. Their Farmer’s burrito that has slaw and tahini and vegan eggs, so there’s something for everyone.

Where: 1284 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

7. Santiago’s

Santiago’s is a traditional Mexican restaurant and is like the grandfather of breakfast burritos in Denver. One bite and you’re transported south of the border A breakfast classic from here comes with eggs, potatoes, and “chef’s choice” of meat like ham, chorizo, bacon, or sausage. It’s simple but it’s so dang delicious. Get it deluxe or smothered for an additional charge.

Where: 571 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

8. HashTAG

HashTAG is doing a burrito called the “El Jefe” that can come with a gluten-free tortilla or in a bowl if you’d like. It comes big and packed with scrambled eggs,  adobo roasted pork shoulder, black beans, hash browns, green Chile salsa,  pickled onion, crema,  jack cheese, pico. This burrito will show you who’s boss.

Where: 10155 E 29th Dr #120, Denver, CO 80238

9. Jelly U Cafe

Jelly U Cafe is known for breakfast, so of course they’d have to have a breakfast burrito on the menu. Wrapped in a flour tortilla comes pulled pork, egg, potato, chorizo topped with sour cream, pico de gallo, and choice of chili: pork green, red, or jackfruit. Jelly’s bulky breakfast burritos also come with either a side of rustic potatoes or a bed of greens, but we’re not sure you’ll have room.

Where: 1700 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210

10. Renegade Burrito

Renegade has got a “choose-your-player” kind of thing going on with their burritos. Try a chorizo, egg, and potato burrito and have your choice of two toppings, or the same thing but with sausage or bacon. Fillings can range from pinto or black beans to Spanish rice to cilantro. Then top things off with fajita veggies, sour cream, cheese, or salsa.

Where: 10005 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80229

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