Another Big Snowstorm Is Heading To Denver This Weekend

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Another Big Snowstorm Is Heading To Denver This Weekend

Is this going to be the biggest snowstorm of the season?

Today, March 9th, will be the last warm day before another shocking cold front. Enjoy the high of 67 degrees before tomorrow, where we’ll see a high of 53. The temperature will drop even further to around 48 percent at least until Friday. The weekend weather will be ranging from 34 to 33 with a lot of snow.

Some experts are touting a huge number when it comes to how many inches Denver is likely to get with the snowstorm heading our way. Some computer models have made their rounds on social media predicting a lot of snow.

The 2003 snowstorm referred to brought along 2-4 feet of heavy snow.

Other local meteorologists are saying 8-11 inches is more of what we can expect but either way, its too soon to tell. Towards Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll get a more clear view on the amount of snow Denver is likely to see, but for now, it’s best to be prepared. The pattern of the snow storm, heading from California east into Colorado, is a predictor of heavier storms. In any situation, anyone traveling should be prepared for slippery roads that could transform into dangerous conditions, so much so that roads might end up closing. Stay tuned as we update the situation when we find out more.


[featured image by katie musial via Unsplash]

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