5 Breweries Celebrating February With Stouts And Specialty Beer

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5 Breweries Celebrating February With Stouts And Specialty Beer

The craft beer is flowing this month, ranging from Russian Imperial Stouts to Strawberry Milkshake IPAs.

February is looking great for beer-lovers since a ton of breweries around the city are participating in different beer-themed events. Some traditional, like Stout Month, and a new one called Firkin February. And with both events will come a variety of different types of delicious brew. Things are a little different this February than in other years, so make sure to check hours and times with each participating brewery, and follow the safety regulations. With that covered, let’s check out five breweries celebrating Stout Month and Firkin February this month.

1. Wood Bass Brewing

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If you’re a fan of stouts then you have to check Wood Boss Brewing. They have a nice variety of stouts already, like their “Barrel Aged Baggage Car Buddies”, which is a porter, and their “Form & Function”, which is a Belgian Quadrupel coming in at 12.8% ABV. Wood Boss also offers pilsners and IPA’s if you enjoy something a little lighter as well. This month, they’ve got a couple of new stouts that you can try, starting with a variation of their Hisolda, an Irish coffee cream stout that has now been transformed into a stronger, richer Russian Imperial stout. They’ve also unveiled their new Wooden Compass, a Russian Imperial Stout collaboration with Broken Compass Brewery that has Blackberry and Cocoa Nib notes. They’ve also hinted that “Sapling series stouts” will be available as the months goes by, so keep an eye on their website to get the latest updates.

Where: 2210 California St, Denver, CO 80205

2. Strange Craft Beer Company

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Strange Craft Beer Company is another brewery that’s participating in Stout Month this year. They’ll be tapping five different stouts throughout February, and are starting with a 10% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, aptly named “The Vaccine,” on February 5th. Next, on the 9th, is “Ain’t Cho Mango Stout” on cask, which is a nod to Firkin February. February 12th sees the release of their Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Love Stout in honor of Valentine’s Day. On the 19th, they’ll be tapping “Shipwreck Stout” which is a Lotus-hopped Stout with Mango, and finally on the 26th they’ll be releasing their last stout, a collaboration with Epic Brewery called “Strangely Epic Stout.” Sounds delicious.

Where: 1330 Zuni St Unit M, Denver, CO 80204

3. Station 26 Brewing Company

There’s also a new tradition this year called Firkin February, which a few breweries are participating in. What’s a Firkin you might be asking? Firkin refers to a specific size of a cask and is about 10.8 gallons. Breweries have been using them to infuse their beers with unique flavors for a while now. Firkin February will also act as a fundraiser for the Colorado Brewers Guild. Station 26 Brewing Company has big plans for Firkin February and will be tapping four firkins on each Thursday of the month. The first is a Dry-Hopped Lager, followed by a Mocha Milk Stout, then a Juicy Banger IPA, and finally, a hazy IPA. Their Instagram has all the news about Firkin February, so check that out for more information.

Where: 7045 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80207

4. Epic Brewing Company

Epic Brewing is doing the same, except they’ll be tapping new beers every Friday instead. Their first is a Strawberry Milkshake IPA. The following Friday, the 12th, they’re doing a fun version of the “Escape From Colorado” IPA by infusing the flavor with Sour Patch Kids. The 19th, they’re doing a “Banana Moonpie” which is a banana-infused “Lunar Transit” IPA. Finally, on the 26th, they’ll be doing a Chile Beer which is a lager with a spicy kick to it.

Where: 3001 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

5.  Joyride Brewing

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Joyride Brewing Company is another brewery participating, and they plan to  release a ten-gallon batch every Friday at 4 p.m., starting with an Orange Creamsicle Kölsch, with hints of vanilla and citrus. On February 12th, they’ll be tapping their “Doontoon” which is a Scottish Ale infused with apricots. February 19th will be when they tap their “Ah Ale Yeah,” which is a special Double version of their Hazy Pale Ale. Finally, on February 26th, they’ll be doing “Doontoon” but aged on Amburana wood, giving it notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

Where: 2501 Sheridan Boulevard, Edgewater, CO 80214,


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