Denver Is In For A Cold Streak Through Valentine’s Day Weekend

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Denver Is In For A Cold Streak Through Valentine’s Day Weekend

This could be the coldest Valentine’s Day on record in Denver since 1903!

Snuggle up to your Valentine this weekend because it’s about to be cold. So far, we’re on record to having the coldest February in the past six years. This month has been relatively mild, but that’s all about to change when the cold wind from Canada reaches Colorado. Areas like Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver will hit the 20s or 30s while areas in higher elevations will be closer to the 40s.

There’s also a snow warning in effect, especially for the Rockys, which can expect to get 6-12 inches of snow over the weekend. The mountains of Summit County will have a little less, coming in at only 2 inches.

Expect the cold front to begin on Friday and carry into the weekend with the arctic air passing through in the middle of next week. Things will be freezing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, with temperatures dropping to 0. There are some weather models predicting a drop of even -10 degrees on Sunday night. If this is the case, it will effectively be the coldest Valentine’s Day since 1903.

Be sure to make the proper preparations to best care for yourself and your pets this weekend as the frigid cold passes through Denver and surrounding areas.


[featured image by Henry Desro via Unsplash]

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