Tired Of Beer? Here’s 5 Local Brands Making Hard Seltzers & Kombuchas

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Tired Of Beer? Here’s 5 Local Brands Making Hard Seltzers & Kombuchas

Welcome to the age of Hard Seltzers & beyond.

Maybe you hated the Hard Seltzer crave that took over during the pandemic last year and has carried over into 2021. Maybe it was the best thing that could have come out of that terrible, terrible year. Either way, we’re still not over it. In fact, we think people might just be getting started. We wanted to highlight some of the kombuchas and seltzers you can pick up at the grocery store or enjoy at a taproom here in Denver. A quick note, some of these drinks are alcoholic and some aren’t but all of them are enjoyable.

1. Happy Leaf Kombucha

Happy Leaf got its roots here in Denver, Colorado. The makers behind the brand had a background in the craft beer and nutritional health industries, and had all the tools they needed to make a unique kombucha with wholesome ingredients. Their light, airy, and botanical can decor also add to the health & wellness vibe these kombuchas have got going on. Just to note, these kombuchas are alcohol-free, so drink these for their crisp, unique tastes (like orange basil or cranberry lavender) or health benefits.

Where to find them: Check out this map

2. Rowdy Mermaids

Who wouldn’t enjoy a fridge lined with these sleek, colorful cans of Rowdy Mermaid? Rowdy’s goal was to create a kombucha better for your body and better for the planet, with lower sugar and acidity, something that could suit anyone’s palette, and above all, wholesome. Using science, Jamba Dunn did just that. Read up on all that science stuff here if you’d like to read their origin story. They’ve got a multitude of different flavors with different benefits. From energizing Grapefruit Rise to immue-boosting Savory Peach, you can now get all of the benefits of health alongside your tasty beverage.

Where to find them: Check out their store locator here. 

3. Turtle Mountain Fermentery

Turtle Mountain Fermentery specializes in fermented food and beverages like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha. Try their Kombucha Flight with four, rotating flavors, like Basil Berry or Lavendar grape. Just a note, if you’re in the mood to enjoy them in person, the taproom is located in a small area of Bean Cycle Roasters, a coffee shop serving delicious lattes or check out their Kombucha Taproom and Fermentery, both in Fort Collins. They’re also available canned, and they’ve got a store locator here.

Where: Bean Cycle Roasters – 144 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Kombucha Taproom and Fermentery – 144 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

4. Upslope’s Snow Melt Series

Upslope Brewing Company has got its own line of hard seltzers they premiered early 2020, called their Spiked Snowmelt Seltzers. From summery flavors like Juniper & Lime to their Key Lime & Hibiscus, their hard seltzers are guaranteed to be sparkling and refreshing addition to your summer.

Where: 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO 80301

5. Elevated Seltzers

Elevated Seltzer’s is the nation and Colorado’s first ever hard seltzer independent hard seltzer company. Their canned seltzers are available in a multitude of different flavors, and are available for pick up or delivery through Uber Eats and Postmates, or availble at liquor stores. While hard seltzers might seem all fun and fizzy, don’t forget to check those percents if you’re a bit of a light weight. Many of their flavors like mango, mixed berry, grapefruit are 7.5%.

Where to find them: Locations


[featured image by ElvtdSltzr via Instagram]

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