One Of The Country’s First Ever Pizza Vending Machines Has Just Made Its Debut Here In Denver

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One Of The Country’s First Ever Pizza Vending Machines Has Just Made Its Debut Here In Denver

Head over to the Celtic to enjoy a beer and an automated pizza.

The concept of the vending machine is simple: put money in and out comes a snack of your choice from bagged chips to wrapped and bagged chocolate bars and fruit flavored sweets. Even in Japan, the vending machine culture has soared towards including more interesting items like ramen. Airports even offer headphones, earbuds, or books from their vending machines. But when the vending machines makes its own pie, is that going too far? We don’t think so, and neither did Italy when they first created the concept.

The pizza vending machine, which has now made its way to Denver, originated in Italy in 2009, where it then spread throughout the U.K. and eventually made its way here.

The pizza vending machines are from Basil Street Pizza, and there are a few different toppings to choose from: cheese, pepperoni, supreme, and the flavors of the month which happen to be breakfast and buffalo chicken.

The pizza is of the thin-crust variety and goes from frozen to hot and ready in just a matter of minutes, making this a great last-minute snack when you’re drinking at it’s resident bar, The Celctic, and the kitchen’s closed. This dilemma would normally be means for a panic drive over to Denny’s or McDonald’s, but with the ease of the new Automated Pizza Kitchen, all that might just change.

Do we recommend the pizza itself? It’s not bad, but do we recommend going and trying it out just for the novelty? Definitely. Why not? The future is now, and I guess we better get used to it.

Where: The Celtic, 1400 Market Street


[featured image by basilstpizza via Instagram]

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