This New Snack Shop Heading To Denver Is Selling Super “Exotic” Snacks From All Around The Globe

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This New Snack Shop Heading To Denver Is Selling Super “Exotic” Snacks From All Around The Globe

The popular snack shop selling delicious and exotic snacks has now got their first brick & mortar here in Denver.

Desert Drinks & Exotics is Colorado’s number one snack shop, and they’re opening their new store November 15th, which is just around the corner! Try some of their most uniquely flavored snacks from all around the globe, like Lays Truffle Potato Chips from Taiwan, Smoothie Skittles from Australia, or a snack perfectly suited for Halloween, the Bag of Bones White Cheddar Cheetos from Canada.

They’re also doing exotic-flavored drinks, like the Fanta Exotic flavor from Belgium that combines passion fruit, peach, and orange, and the Minute Maid White Peach from China.

If you’re interested in buying from them before they open, you can purchase snacks and drinks from their website. Their website has all your favorite brands laid out in easy to read categories: Lays, Oreos, Fanta, and more, with unique flavors from around the world being offered. Each item is titled with their flavor and country of origin, as well. Be reminded of an international trip you’ve taken to Tokyo or be dazzled by brand new flavors.

If you aren’t entirely sure what to choose, then good news, because Desert offers subscription boxes in three different tiers: silver, gold, and platinum, and they’re all at different price points. Newbies can try out the $25 box, with generally around 4-6 snacks or drinks, and even exclusive flavors only subscribers get. Gold box subscribers can get $50 worth of snacks and drinks and usually items range from 6-10 items. For platinum subscribers, you can get $100 worth of the best snacks and drinks, around 10 items!

Are you ready to take your taste buds on a trip around the globe? Check out their online store and give them a warm welcome when they open on the 15th of November!


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