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6 Exhibits You Won’t Want To Miss At The Denver Museum Of Nature And Science

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

6 Exhibits You Won’t Want To Miss At The Denver Museum Of Nature And Science

Make some space in your calendar to learn about these amazing scientific discoveries.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has two new exhibitions coming up soon, as well as some temporary exhibits you might want to check out before they’re gone. The museum is continuing to take extra precautions to ensure guests’s safety while visiting, like extra sanitizer dispensers and touchless payment methods. Masks are required at all times. The museum is also implementing timed tickets so they can monitor the amount of guests in the museum at one time. The museum strongly encourages guests to order tickets online in advance, where they will be able to choose an entry time. Entry times take place every 20 minutes from the time the museum opens, which is 9am Friday through Saturday.

1. Birdly Virtual Reality Experience













by Pascal Debrunner via unsplash

The first temporary exhibit is an all-ages virtual reality experience. You can buy tickets for this exhibit once you arrive at the museum. This Jurassic Park-themed VR experience puts you in the body of a bird flying through changing interactive scenery. The VR headset is also coupled with sensory-motor elements, so guests can actually feel the wind pass by and hear their surroundings. Adult tickets are $9 and children are $8.

2. After the Asteroid: Earth’s Comeback Story

The second temporary exhibit tells the story of the fossils recently discovered at Corral Buffs near Colorado Springs. The fossils show Earth’s recovery after the asteroid impact 66 million years ago. The multimedia exhibit tells the story of these fossils through stories, visuals, and interactive elements. They’ve even got some of the fossils from Corral Buffs. Best of all, this exhibit is free.

3. Sue: The T. Rex Experience

One of their upcoming exhibits, ‘Sue: The T. Rex Experience’ gives guests the chance to stand between life-size fossils of both a T-Rex and Triceratops. Sue is the most compete T. Rex specimen ever recovered, and through a multimedia story, guests will learn all about her. They’ll also get a glimpse into what scientists have learned, and continue to learn, about this particular type of dinosaur throughout the years. This exhibit premieres February 11th.

4. Stonehenge: Ancient Mysteries and Modern Discoveries

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On March 12th, the museum will introduce a new exhibit all about Stonehenge, one of the world’s most intriguing mysteries. The focus of the exhibit is primarily on Stonehenge’s creation, as well as what scientists have uncovered over the years. More access to information and technology has taught scientists so much more about Stonehenge. This exhibit will share those amazing discoveries.

5. Space Odyssey













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Spacey Odyssey is a new exhibit that opened November 13th, 2020, newly renovated, which is all about delivering answers to inquisitive minds. The highly interactive exhibit will mainly serve to answer the important questions about space, and what it’s actually like. They’ve even got a VR transporter that allows you to really feel the adventure of traveling to different worlds.

6. Egyptian Mummy Gallery

by Narciso Arellano via unsplash













Included with museum admission and located on level 3 is the Egyptian Mummies exhibit. The gallery focuses on the mummies of two Ancient Egyptian women and the recent findings scientists have made about them due to new technology. Through an interactive touch table, guests can virtually “unwrap” and learn about the lives of these women through key findings made throughout the past few years.

[featured image by Chris Nguyen via Unsplash]