Grange Hall Is An Innovative Eight-Concept Kitchen, And It Just Opened In Greenwood Village

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Grange Hall Is An Innovative Eight-Concept Kitchen, And It Just Opened In Greenwood Village

From Chef Troy Guard is an awesome and innovative food space you’ll be anxious to try.

We don’t think theres’s any place that shows the heart of a city more than community markets, and Denver’s got a lot them. We want to introduce you to the newest one on the market, on that combines tradition with innovation and is anchored by a great brewery. Welcome to Grange Hall, newly opened in Greenwood Village.

Grange Hall has 8 independent kitchens–and one kitchen that’ll act as rotating space, which is perfect for the ever popular ghost kitchen that grew to popularity during the pandemic. Some of their kitchen concepts include BuBu, a Poke spot serving bowls topped with rice, toppings, and sushi grade salmon or tuna. They’re also doing seasonal harvest bowls, with dried toppings like pumpkin seeds and fried shallots available.

The San Diego restaurant, Crack Shack, will now be serving their fan favorites here in Denver, like their Firebird with hot and spicy chicken, cool ranch, and an artisan potato roll. Crazy Love Pizza is another contender, creating fresh made-to-order Sicilian-style pies in unique and classic flavors like Spicy Scampi, Mushroom, or Pepperoni.

Rado Burgers is Chef Troy Guard’s love letter to Colorado and the burger, and he’s cooking up delicious versions using local bakeries for the bread and local meat. These burgers are elevated, with toppings like kimchi, truffle mayo, Ruffles chips, grilled shrimp, and duck egg. Uptown & Humboldt is a Greek food truck that’s been in the Denver scene since 2020 and has now a little kitchen for themselves here in Grange Hall.

Finally, there’s a German coffee and ice cream shop serving cold brews topped with vanilla ice cream, scoops and pints of ice cream like scotch pudding or honey and bergamot, and daily fresh pastries.

The brewery tying them all together is Little Dry Creek Brewing with everything ranging from hazys to stouts and different types of beer in between.

Come check out this new little gem in Denver, and tell us what you think.

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