This Unassuming Church Front Is Actually The Technicolor Cannabis Chapel Of Your Dreams

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Unassuming Church Front Is Actually The Technicolor Cannabis Chapel Of Your Dreams

Where smokers go to get spiritual.

Have you ever heard of “Elevationism?” If you haven’t, no worries, as its quite a new spiritual movement that cropped up here in Denver in 2017. This spiritual movement is unlike other typically recognized religions. Instead, this one is dedicated to the spiritual benefits of cannabis. And just to be clear, this isn’t just a made up name. No, it’s actually the official religion of the International Church of Cannabis here in Denver, with over 1,200 members to its congregation. You may not have realized that the Elevationists congregate here on 400 S. Logan Street because of the church’s unassuming front, but there’s a lot more going on inside than you may realize.

Welcome to the International Church of Cannabis, where all are welcome. Elevationists gather here, during private congregations non-accessible to the public, to partake in the scared leaf that promotes spirituality, creativity, and community. When the doors are open during its normal viewing hours, tourists and art lovers alike flock to the church to enjoy the beautiful technicolor artwork displayed across the high ceilings.

The church is sort of like the Sistine Chapel of Denver, with Spanish artist, Okuda San Miguel, being its Michelangelo. The artist painted the rainbow mural across the arched ceiling and has his signature art style painted across structures around the world.

Often, the church hosts pop up shops, and their guided laser & meditation shows for only $25 a person every night after 8. Doors are open to the public from 12-8 Friday through Monday and 4-8 Tuesday through Thursday.


[featured image by nichol geri via unsplash]

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