This Luxury Train Passes Through This Stunning Scenic Route From Denver To Utah Starting November

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This Luxury Train Passes Through This Stunning Scenic Route From Denver To Utah Starting November

Pass through natural wonders for 2 days.

If you’ve got the time and the wallet to fund one of these luxury trains, we’d highly recommend you hop on board. This luxurious new train route called “Rockies to the Red Rocks” which will take passengers between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah.

By car, this trip usually takes under 5 and a half hours, but this luxurious train ride will cover two days of awesome sight-seeing and one night. The route will take passengers through stunning mountain passes, alongside great lakes, and through the desert during dusk and dawn, when the sky becomes a myriad of intense colors and serves as the perfect backdrop to the red rocks of the Moab desert.

image by solotravelgoals via unsplash

Day 1 will take you from Denver’s bustling city toward Glenwood Springs. You’ll enjoy dinner and a drink as you take in the scenic views of Mount Garfield and the red rock formations of Ruby Canyon. The views will shift and change as you head from Colorado into Utah into the resort town of Glenwood Springs where you will disembark for an overnight stay of relaxation and fun.

Day 2, wake up to a hot breakfast and head into the great outdoors back towards Denver. Pass the Colorado river and take in panoramic views of Byers Canyon and Gore Canyon, then finally cross the continental divide while cutting through 6.3 miles of mountain in Moffat Tunnel.

photo by mike scheid via unsplash

The luxury train ride will offer a special discount this November where you can save $300. They’ve also recently renovated their lounge seating to offer an even more comforting space. For more information, you can check out Rocky Mountaineer’s website. Ticket prices run at different tiers but the classic level is $1,469, which, if you can afford it, seems worth the price. If you do take travel this extraordinary route, let us know how you enjoyed it.


[featured image by rockymountaineer via instagram]

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