The Marijuana Mansion Is A Spirited & Interactive Art Gallery Right Here In Denver

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The Marijuana Mansion Is A Spirited & Interactive Art Gallery Right Here In Denver

The place that does Selfies for stoners.

Step inside this historic and haunted mansion and be transported to another world. Marijuana Mansion takes the concept of selfie museums and adds marijuana-themed sets for that perfect 420 photo opp. Step behind a secret door hidden by an inconspicuous bookshelf into an interactive art gallery.

The eclectic mansion itself was built by a famous Denver architect, John J. Huddart in 1889, for the aristocratic Creswell family, and in more recent years, has been a landmark for marijuana reform in Denver. It served as the headquarters for the Marijuana Policy Party who created legalization laws for Colorado in 2012.

The interactive installation inside the mansion is a work of art. From a whimsical forest that looks straight out of Alice in Wonderland, to a Palace-inspired room, to a swing set covered in marijuana-leafed vines to a bathtub full of bounce balls with a neon ‘MM’ sign above. Marijuana Mansion is both whimsical and unexpected and that’s half the fun!

Guests can participate in 3 different experiences. For $42.00 per guest, get the Marijuana Mansion Experience, where groups of up to 10 can explore the three-level mansion. The tour lasts 30 minutes with the chance to explore all facets of this haunted and historic mansion meets art gallery. There are 11 cannabis-themed rooms for you and your friends to explore, carefully curated for the perfect photo opp. While no consumption of cannabis is allowed during the mansion tour, it seems smoking may be allowed during the private photoshoots.

The two private photoshoots come in two time-slots: 2 hours and 3 hours. For the two hour slot, at $500, a group of up to 8 people can privately explore all levels of the mansion. A photographer won’t be provided so make sure to bring your own. The 3 hour photoshoot, at $750 can be up to 10 people with a $50 charge for an additional person.

Behind the mansion is a carriage horse that doubles as a cannabis dispensary. Green Dragon Colorado cannabis dispensary offers recreational cannabis for purchase.

If you’ve been wanting some groovy pictures for your Instagram, you’ll want to check them out. Their website has all the information on how to book, as well as available time slots.


Where: 1244 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203



[featured image by skitter via Pexels]

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