Step Into Other Worlds At This New Psychedelic Immersive Art House Here In Denver

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Step Into Other Worlds At This New Psychedelic Immersive Art House Here In Denver

Their first permanent exhibition was even co-created with Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin.

Have you ever been to Meow Wolf? If you aren’t familiar, Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group that originated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has since made its way to Las Vegas and is setting up shop in Denver this year. And we couldn’t be happier to have them!

Meow Wolf is comprised of over 100 artists and collaborators who work across a multitude of mediums–sculptures, installations, painting, photography, and even Cross Reality, like VR/MR/AR, to create new worlds full of possibility. The artists work together to create a multitude of different immersive and interdisciplinary experiences that transport audiences of all ages into different worlds through storytelling and exploration.

Meow Wolf has had a rocky year since the pandemic hit. First, Meow Wolf Santa Fe had to close down their premium exhibit, House of Eternal Return (created in collaboration with George R.R. Martin), during the peak of its popularity. But as the vaccines began to roll out and COVID cases sank, the exhibit was allowed to reopen (with a great turn out).

Their latest Las Vegas exhibit, Omega Mart, or what it would be like to visit a grocery store on acid, is also doing pretty good! Step behind soda fridges into cool worlds, experience LED light-up slides, and walk down aisles filled with out-of-this-world snacks, like “Whole Tattooed Chicken.”

Meow Wolf Denver is looking to be promising as well. Slated with a Fall opening, Meow Wolf has already let the world in on some sneak peaks with a list of artist they’re collaborating with, and some new photos of beautiful otherworldy cathedral and rad art installations that highlight inclusivity and accessibility.

For now, we highly recommend checking out their website for a taste of what’s coming to Denver. Their site features awesome videos of their permanent exhibits, as well as a fun documentary that shows how Meow Wolf even became a thing.

We can’t wait for their grand opening, and we’ll keep you updated on when that might be.


[featured image by meow_wolf via Instagram]

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