Meow Wolf Has Finally Announced The Theme Of Their Denver Exhibit Coming September 17th

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Meow Wolf Has Finally Announced The Theme Of Their Denver Exhibit Coming September 17th

From one of the world’s most innovative companies comes this highly anticipated art exhibit!

Welcome to Convergence Station, the name of the newest interactive art installation brought to you by Meow Wolf, the makers of the wildly popular and unique concept, Omega Mart! We’ve been highly anticipating Meow Wolf’s arrival here in Denver, and it appears the wait is nearly over! With a slated opening of September 17th, get ready to immerse yourself in quantum journey through other worlds that will teleport you using a mix of art, tech, and design.

The story starts like this: 25 years ago, a freak accident caused a cosmic shift in the universe, merging together different worlds and universes, erasing the memories of all inhabitants, and causing the disappearance of four women. The Quantum Department of Transportation is the place where these worlds collide, in which psychedelic cathedrals, lush alien habitats, and dazzling cityscapes await you, the traveler. It’s up to you to collect memories and piece together the clues to this multimedia mystery.

Alongside a captivating story, there is truly a remarkable amount of talented artists who contributed to making Meow Wolf’s third permanent installation possible, and it couldn’t have been done without Denver’s thriving art scene.

On September 17th, Convergence Station will be open from 10 am until 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 10am to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ticket are available for pre-purchase right now, starting at $45 for General Admission and even better, it’s $35 for Colorado residents! Meow Wolf and Convergence Station are both¬†highly anticipated so we suggest booking tickets before it’s too late!¬†

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