Find The Killer At These Incredibly Fun Murder Mystery Parties In Denver

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Find The Killer At These Incredibly Fun Murder Mystery Parties In Denver

Don your Sherlock cap for these rip-roaring murder mystery parties you can host in Denver!

Everyone loves a good murder mystery to solve — especially when you can slip into a different character for the evening (and get to dramatically shout “It was YOU!!” to all your friends by the end of the night). Now you can host your own whodunit in Denver and everything will be organized for you by Wegame.

These murder mystery dinner parties provide all needed equipment, and can be hosted at home/a venue of your choice, or at a secret restaurant. The game will be paired with a delectable three-course dinner, and each guest will be assigned a peculiar character to play. An actor will even arrive in character as the main host!

And if you choose the restaurant option, the mystery starts even before you arrive — you’ll have to figure out the secret location with the provided clues. You’ll need a minimum of five people to play, but can add on additional guests.

And you have three creative scenarios to choose from:

First is the “Mr. Williams” mystery, which follows a classic murder mystery party set-up. Millionaire Mr. Williams has died in strange circumstances, and all the suspects of his death are gathered at the same place to bring to light all their secrets, fears and possible motives to get rid of one of the richest businessmen in town. Book that deliciously thrilling party here.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, pretend you’re at the MTV Music Awards — red carpet looks strongly encouraged! An exclusive group of celebrities is enjoying the pre-gala dinner when they discover that Miles Johnson, the eccentric king of pop nominated to many awards, has died under very strange circumstances. Strike a pose and grab those tickets here.

Last but not least is “Dr. Dhivago,” a private psychiatrist who has invited his patients to dinner. The goal of this the event is to announce which patient is ready to leave the psychiatric ward. However, once dinner is in full motion, one of the caretakers storms in to report that the doctor has died due to a fatal blow to the head just moments ago. Prove your innocence here!

Whether you’re looking for a unique get together for friends, colleagues, birthdays, or bachelor parties, a murder mystery party will surely fit the bill.

Book your whodunit here!