This New Mural In The RiNo District Celebrates RuPaul Winner & Denver Native, Yvie Oddly, For Pride Month

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This New Mural In The RiNo District Celebrates RuPaul Winner & Denver Native, Yvie Oddly, For Pride Month

The abstract mural captures Yvie Oddly’s signature style at her old place of work.

Have you seen the new work of art, a tribute to Yvie Oddly, here in RiNo? It’s one of the district’s newest pieces of art, and just in time for Pride Month. Jovan Bridges, more commonly known by her stage name Yvie Oddly, is an American Drag Queen, performing artist, and fashion designer who was also the 2019 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Not to mention, she was a Denver-native and a part of the LGBTQIA+ community here. During her time living in Denver, she worked at Tracks Denver, the city’s premier LGBTQIA+ Dance Club, where the mural now proudly resides as a lovely and colorful tribute.

The muralist is David Puck, a Queer Nonbinary visual artist whose work focuses on mental health and the queer experience., and oftentimes features Drag Queens. Puck collaborated with Tracy Weil of WeilWorks, another artist from the Denver area who is the executive director of the RiNo Arts District in order to bring this mural to life. “She’s one of my favorite drag artists so I was happy!,” Puck said when we asked him about the mural. “The mural is all about self-acceptance and celebrating Colorado creative nature queerdos – ‘Be You’ as it says on the teeth (which is Track’s motto).”

The mural captures Yvie’s style and personality perfectly, and we contribute the excellent attitude to Puck’s artistry skills (and not to mention make up artistry skills; just look at that smoky eye!) The teeth on the second pair of lips reads “Be You,” a reference to Track’s motto, which is a great nod towards the message of the piece. The mural is also decorated with eclectic silhouettes of feminine clawed hands, flowers, birds, and vines. We’re so excited to have this beautiful work here in Denver.

Head over to Tracks to check out the mural for yourself and show your support for the local Queer community here in Denver.