This Psychedelic Immersive Art Exhibit In Denver Has Extended Until The End Of February

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Psychedelic Immersive Art Exhibit In Denver Has Extended Until The End Of February

As we enter into 2022, the ways in which humans interact with technology and nature are always changing. From buildings incorporating aspects of nature to new A.I. technologies changing how humans work. In the last two years, immersive art exhibits that tell stories and change the way we think have also become increasingly popular, especially in Denver. That’s why we’re so excited to see the popular Novo Ita, extend their exhibit!

Novo Ita is an all-ages, psychedelic, immersive art, botanic, audio, and visual experience presented by Spectra Art Space. With a team filled with talented artists, writers, actors, and technology teams (some who have been part of the Spectra team for months and some who have been featured in Meow Wolf) Spectra Art Space has created an exhibit that brings you into the natural world in whole new ways.

photo courtesy of spectra art space

The exhibit is designed to resemble a “post-event world,” where humans are living in harmony with nature, and magic is not outside the realm of possibility. Guests will use augmented reality and tactile exploration to unearth the story of Novo Ita, where challenging social and environmental issues are presented in a fun and interactive manner that expands the mind and explores the human psyche. At the end of the exhibit, guests can check out the gallery filled with art made by local crafters, artists, and makers.

photo courtesy of spectra art space

Novo Ita will be running between an extended exhibit until February 27th, and tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite. Tickets are priced at $20 for adults and $12 for children age 12 and discounted tickets for kids below. The normal admission gives you one hour to explore, but there’s a special premium pass that allows for unlimited exploration of all that Novo Ita has to offer for only $28.

Spectra Art Space has hosted some other unique and interesting experiences in the past. Follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates on current and future exhibits.

Where: 1836 S Broadway, Denver CO 80210