“Freaky Sunday” Event Starts This Weekend As Two Local Chefs Swap Kitchens In A Creative Collab

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“Freaky Sunday” Event Starts This Weekend As Two Local Chefs Swap Kitchens In A Creative Collab

Ready for a switcheroo?

Inspired by the iconic movie, Freaky Friday, in which two of the main characters swap places, welcome to Freaky Sunday, where two local Denver bar owners will be swapping places on Sunday, March 7th and the following Sunday, March 14th. The two swapping chefs are Royce Oliveira of ‘To the Wind Bistro’ and Bo Porytko of ‘Misfit Snackbar,’ two eateries that are similarly unique in their approach.

The Misfit Snackbar Kitchen is known for their wild and innovative small plates that are served up from a small walk-up stand from the MiddleMan Cocktail Bar. These small bites are perfect bar-side eating, and include interesting combinations that seamlessly fit together by chef Bo Porytko. Foods like Clam Chowder Baos and a dish called Carrots!!! (that’s with three exclamation marks) which is described as a carrot polenta with roasted heirloom carrots, carrot vinaigrette, carrot top pistou, and  carrot chips. These will be some creative shoes for Olivera to fill.


The next week, March 14th, we’ll see Porytko taking over for Oliveria in his bistro, ‘To The Wind,’ in which he will be preparing his version of New American Cuisine in a multiple course setting inspired by ‘To the Wind’s’ more traditionally-set menu. Don’t mistake traditional to mean that the food is anything but creative. Some of ‘To the Wind’s” recent items on their menu include Salmon Pastrami, Lamb Cheeks, and Bone Marrow. The menu is currently up for both days.

courtesy of Misfit Snackbar

If you’re interested in attending the event, email misfitsnackbar@gmail.com for reservations and availability. We do know that the Misfit Snack Bar takeover on the 7th is first come, first serve. And we’ve heard that Porytko is interested in doing more collaborative events with local chefs, so stay tuned.


[featured image by Jay Wenninton via Unsplash]

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