Denver Moves to “Severe Risk” Level Red, With New COVID-19 Restrictions To Begin On Friday

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Denver Moves to “Severe Risk” Level Red, With New COVID-19 Restrictions To Begin On Friday

Colorado is yet again escalating its safety measures in an attempt to curb the soaring COVID-19 incidences.

With COVID-19 transmission rates continuing to rapidly increase in many parts of Colorado, the state has announced its plan to intensify the precautions taken to combat the virus. As a result, Denver has been moved to Level Red on the COVID-19 Status Dial, along with 14 other Colorado countries with high levels of transmission, hospitalizations, and positivity rates. This means that personal gatherings, indoor events, and indoor dining in restaurants will now be completely prohibited by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment starting this Friday, November 20, in addition to other increased safety restrictions.

Denver moves to this new “Severe Risk” level of protection after previously being at the “High Risk” Level 3.  Level Red was previously the highest level on the dial, meaning a stay-at-home order would have been triggered — however, Colorado updated the dial to include a new threshold, Level Purple “Extreme Risk”, to avoid a lockdown.

The new restrictions under Level Red include:

  • Residents are strongly encouraged (but not ordered) to stay at home whenever possible.
  • All personal gatherings outside of an individual’s house are no longer allowed.
  • Indoor dining in restaurants is closed. Takeout, delivery, and curbside are still available options.
  • Last call for alcohol at 8 pm; bars remain closed.
  • Gyms and fitness centers must operate at 10% maximum capacity or 10 people per room, and reservations are required.
  • Indoor events are completely closed.
  • Outdoor events can operate at 25% capacity or 75 people, and can only be attended with members of your household.

Let’s hope that these new restrictions will help keep COVID-19 cases under control and reverse the trend.

[Featured Image Source: Jacquelynne Kosmicki via Pixabay]

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