Slashers Denver Is The Horror-Themed, Spooky Cocktail Bar Denver’s Always Needed

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Slashers Denver Is The Horror-Themed, Spooky Cocktail Bar Denver’s Always Needed

Welcome to Slashers Denver!

If you weren’t aware, Horror Bar went dark shortly after its opening, with news coming out against the owner who we believe has since relocated. In greater news, Horror Bar has undergone an entire re-vamp perfect for the spooky season. The new bar is called Slashers Denver, and as big-time horror fans, we couldn’t be more excited. They’ve recently launched on August 11th with new ways to enjoy horror with your drinks, and many interesting ideas to come forward in the following months.

Joshua Schmitz, a Denver entrepreneur who has some background in eclectic Denver eateries, has completely full ownership of Slashers. In their firstintroductory Instagram post, the Slashers team said this, “Our goal is to create an industry standard in crafting a unique experience paired with a rad staff to enforce SAFE and FUN practices, making a one of a kind space that us weirdos need.” Whether it be a craft cocktail or a well drink, you can get your fix at Slashers, guaranteed.

The new Slashers, unaffiliated with the previous owner, is doing chainsaw-themed evenings on the weekends (featuring chainsaw slasher films), horror trivia night, and terrifying-themed cocktails, like the Lychee the Killer, with vodka or gin. lychee syrup, carpano botanic bitters, and champagne. They’re also premiering movies and playing music that suits the vibes perfectly.

image by mowdegrasse via Instagram

Come check them out on Colfax this fall! They’re closed on Mondays, but open at 3pm on Tuesdays!

Where: 5126 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220


[Featured Image by Elti Meshau on Unsplash]

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