The Biggest & Most Powerful Steam Engine Operating In The World Is Coming To Denver In September

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

The Biggest & Most Powerful Steam Engine Operating In The World Is Coming To Denver In September

Say hello to the Big Boy, a colossal locomotive.

The Big Boy Tour 2021 is already underway, with a stop upcoming in our very own Denver, Colorado, where this powerful piece of equipment will be on display. Big Boy No. 4014 departed in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Aug. 5, and has since traveled through Wyoming, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. During its tour, Big Boy will be on display in select cities, and Denver happens to be one of them.

We’ll be lucky enough to get to see Big Boy in all its full, steam-powered glory on September 6th. Remember to always stand back at least 25 feet, bring ear plugs for the little ones, and keep off the tracks!

You can catch Big Boy on display on 39th and Wynkoop from 9am to 3pm on Monday, September 6th, but if you want to get a glimpse at it pulling into the station, 38th and Wynkoop might be a great vantage point. Remember, there will be a limited amount of overnight parking at the display location. Once the next day rolls by, you can catch Big Boy departing Denver at 8am on the same cross section.

Another reason to visit the Big Boy on its display day is the limited access to the Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car, which is free and available to view only on Display days. This rail car is a multi-media walk-through exhibition that combines history with modern-day railroading. Interactive technology will be present alongside old vintage photos, which perfectly captures railroad history at the intersection of the past and present.

Keep an eye on the Big Boy using the Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Tracker. until it finally makes its powerful debut in the city.