This Eclectic Cocktail Bar In Edgewater Has Got Tiki, Vinyl, And Velvet

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

This Eclectic Cocktail Bar In Edgewater Has Got Tiki, Vinyl, And Velvet

Electric Cure is what you get when an eclectic duo combine wacky with tiki.

Welcome to The Electric Cure and Velvet Lounge, a new space in Edgewater, where you can come to chill out, enjoy all things weird and wonderful, and listen to vinyl records with a tiki cocktail in hand. The owners, Veronica Ramos and Lexi Healy, are a passionate and eclectic duo, self-funding this bar that combines their passions with their craft.

Head on over to Edgewater to get a fresh & new take on tiki, one that you may not have seen before, with its own sense of humor and character that set it apart from the rest. What’s more, Electric Cure is usually jazzing things up for holidays and special events, so you can always enjoy something a little different.

According to the Electric Cure website, there’s four things that describe their aesthetic: neon signs, tiki drinks, velvet paintings, and vinyl records. If that doesn’t paint a picture, then we don’t know what else will. Their Instagram has been active with behind the scenes glimpses at what patrons can expect. A recent Tik Tok described their latest Facebook Marketplace find, a bag of goose head statues that we assume will likely be decor.

They’ve done a lot of garnishing to their tiki drinks and offer a special and unique twist, like the tiki cocktail below with a danlging chain and skull hand to blended drinks inside clear tiki glasses.


They seem to have an affinity for the Creature from the Black Lagoon and their motto is “stay weird.” Will all that in mind, The Electric Cure won’t be just any tiki concept bar, and we’re excited to see this weird and wacky addition.

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