72 Marvelous Things To Do In Denver In August

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72 Marvelous Things To Do In Denver In August

The last month of summer is here.

Welcome to August, a month where everyone’s soaking up the last of the summer vibes while anticipating schools returning and the pumpkin-spiced scent of Autumn. There’s still a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy here in Denver, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to cool down, eat out, and enjoy those long summer evenings. Stay safe out there this month and enjoy what the Mile High City’s got to offer.

1. Attend an Outdoor Weekly Concert Series at the Mile High Station

Crack open a beer at the Mile High Station for the end of the summer’s weekly Mile High Music Series that’s nearly finished. We’ve been jamming out all summer long to local and national bands, drinking Coors Light, and tasting some excellent chef-provided food, but there will only be a few more events left to close out the summer season. Now’s your chance to check it out if you haven’t already.

2. Find the Killer at these Interactive Dinner Mystery Nights

This event is what you get when you mix the puzzles of an Escape Room with the mystery of a Whodunnit. These incredibly fun murder mystery parties are the perfect way to surprise your friends. You can host your own murder mystery party right here in Denver, and everything will be organized for you. There are three different mysteries to solve, so pick your poison or try to solve all of them!

3. Experience These Magical Candlelight Concerts

Of all the performances taking place around the city, few things can beat the spectacle provided by these enchanting candlelight concerts. Flickering candles and classical music to create a unique experience at some of Denver’s most elegant indoor and outdoor venues.

4-9. Spend a Thrilling Afternoon River Rafting

These water rafting companies are here to show you that the sport can be fun for the whole family. Take on the extremities of the Colorado River or take a leisurely paddle in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Adventure awaits in our backyard, and summer is the perfect time.

10. Try this Black-Owned Eatery for Creole Cocktails

Mood.Beats.Potions not only has an awesome name, it’s got the food and vibes to back it up. Enjoy an evening on the patio with some live music, sit back with a plate of Creole-French cuisine, and drink an expertly crafted cocktail.

11. Interact with a Psychedelic, Botanical Art Installation

Nova Ita is the newest interactive art installation here in Denver (and these seem to be cropping up more and more) that we couldn’t be more excited about. Experience a world full of magic as you explore the link between technology and the natural world in a brand new and unexpected way.

12-17. Scarf Down a Plate of French Fries

We wrote this in honor of French Fry Day, but they can be enjoyed year round, morning, noon, and night, so there’s no reason not to include it here. Fries are the perfect vessel for meat, cheese, spices, or more fries, so here’s a list of some of the most delicious topped, stacked, double-fried, glorious french fries you can shovel into your mouth.

18-25. Enjoy the Atmosphere at One of These Themed Bars

One word: atmosphere. While we’re not snobs about where we have a drink or some grub (we could have fun anywhere) there are some special nights where you just want a bit of something different. Well if tonight is one of those nights, don’t miss our round of themed bars that you can explore in Denver. From speakeasies to forest vibes, check out this list and be surprised.

26-46. Go on an Epic Restaurant Crawl Of All the Best Spots in Denver

We asked you, Denver, what are the restaurants that can’t be missed, and you delivered. We’v got a list of 20 amazing spots that are different as they are delicious. Think of mom and pop stops and local favorites to chains that are global for a reason. From Mexican to Asian and everything in between, reference this list when you’ve got a foodie visiting you for the weekend.

47-54. Enjoy a Spectacular Experience at One of These Air BnBs

While we love Denver, there’s absolutely nothing like hitting the road and heading to a different destination. Those trips can be made even more special when you’re staying in a luxurious cabin, treehouse spot, or eclectic hippie’s home. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest Air BnB destinations (and most aren’t that far from Denver) to inspire your next adventure.

55. Bond with Wild Cats at One of the Nation’s Biggest Sanctuaries

The Wild Animal Sanctuary over in Keenesburg is one of the biggest carnivore sanctuaries in the country! From, lions & tigers to bears and foxes, you can get an aerial view of some of these amazing creatures from an elevated, safe pathway. Plus, you can even see some of Joe Exotic’s wild cats that were rescued from his property, and picked up by the Keenesburg location, after his arrest. Now those are some famous cats.

56. Get Hype for this Upcoming Eccentric Bar Coming to Edgewater

Coming to Edgewater this month is one of our most highly anticipated bars, The Electric Cure. We love them because they are self-funded, women-owned, and speak to the eccentric weirdo who enjoys good tiki cocktails while staring at a velvet painting of Danny DeVito or The Creature from the Black Lagoon. This is definitely looking to be a new favorite.

57. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at this Call-Back Concept

The brand new concept spot, Lunchboxx, is taking it back to the kinder years with their unique lunchbox lunches and dinners. Think of Japanese Bento boxes or Mediterranean specials, with a cute 90s theme and special, decorative lunchboxes with classic superheroes and beloved characters on them. Head on over to Denver Central Market to get your own.

58-64. Shop Sustainably at These Affordable Thrift Stores

This is only a small fraction of some of Denver’s vintage scene, but we rounded up a few that we felt were different from each other in their own unique way. Some of these shops are lovingly curated to create a certain vibe or to provide clothing from certain eras (like the 70s or the 90s) and some are just regular mom and pop thrift stores that donate proceeds to a good cause. Either way, prices will vary, you’ll get to find some unique treasures, and you can shop sustainably. What’s not to like?

65-71. Attend an Outdoor Movie Or Concert

For the rest of summer, enjoy weekly movie and music series from hotel rooftops, like Avanti’s movie series or DJ sets at Halycon’s Music in the Clouds. P.S., for fans of Adam Sandler, check out Ironton’s Sandler Summer Movie series where they’ll have themed cocktails and food to go along with each classic Sandler hit.

72. Read Up on the Potential Fate of Casa Bonita

Has the fate of Casa Bonita been keeping you up all night? Us too. That’s why we’re happy to hear that the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are considering taking ownership of Casa Bonita. They’re focused on better food, a bigger Black Bart’s Cave, and rejuvenating the Denver restaurant.


[featured image by the Sheraton via Instagram]

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