When To See The First Pink Supermoon Of The Season Over Denver

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When To See The First Pink Supermoon Of The Season Over Denver

This is predicted to be the fullest and biggest pink supermoon of the season.

A season of 3 “full supermoons” will happen over the course of 2021 and the first sighting is happening tonight. While this variation is called the ‘pink supermoon’ because it’s seen during  April where a certain type of pink flower is known to blossom, the moon won’t actually be pink. Darn. Unfortunately, there’s also a cloudy sky forecasted tonight that will prevent a full view.

What exactly makes a moon a supermoon anyway? Well, in this case, we’re seeing a full moon but we’re also seeing the moon in its closest orbital proximity to earth. Meaning, this is the time where it’s closest to Earth. Our next supermoon will be in May, our last was in Mach, and  the biggest and closest full supermoon of the 21st century will occur on December 6th, 2052. We’re excited to see your images of the supermoon today.

9:31pm MDT is when you can catch the moon at its fullest, but 11:30pm MDT is when you can catch it at its brightest.


[featured image by uomo libero via Unsplash]


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