What’s The Best Part About Living In Denver? Denverites Have Some Very Tongue-In-Cheek Responses

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

What’s The Best Part About Living In Denver? Denverites Have Some Very Tongue-In-Cheek Responses

How many of these have you thought yourself?

While we love our city with its amazing foodie scene, a large amount of breweries, and outdoor adventures, there’s still a couple of things we wish we cold change. Because Denver’s one of the highest rising cities in the nation, rising in people at a faster rate than even Seattle, there are a couple of pitfalls that come with living in a big city. Traffic congestion, smog, and petty theft, which is an overarching problem here in Denver. Not to mention, the elephant in the room. The housing crisis, which was reported on by “The current market imbalance is pricing out renters and potential homeowners lower on the housing spectrum, putting more tension on affordable housing options and making Denver neighborhoods unaffordable for a large portion of our workforce,” is just one facet of the issue according to the Denver Chamber.

Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash

We wanted to hear how our community of Denverites felt about their city and asked them in an Instagram Post, what is their favorite part about living in Denver? For a little bit of a twist, we asked “Wrong answers only” and the responses did not disappoint. Here are those responses.

  • “Driving to DIA… so fast! Never frustrating! 😍😍”
  • “The theft 😻”
  • “The beaches and crystal blue waters”
  • “The empty hiking trails with perfectly respectful on leash dogs 🐕”
  • “Camping gear worn 7 days a week 😏”
  • “The adrenaline rush of going to the UnSafeway instead of literally any other grocery store.”
  • “Oh, the food is perfectly seasoned and has flavor! 😳”
  • “The traffic 😍”
  • “Cheap rent 😂”
  • “Everyone that keeps moving here and driving up the cost of EVERYTHING”
  • “Jerry traffic on 1-70”
  • “The fresh air 🥰”
  • “Great sweet corn”
  • “Californians and Texans”
  • “All the great drivers”
  • “All the California transplants”
  • “The humidity”
  • “The increasing homeless population❤️”
  • “Pot hole free streets with super affordable rent! Best drivers in the country. Programs that help lower homeless population.”
  • “Driving perpetually 10 mph under the speed limit is my fave.”
  • “The extreme weather, it’s never chill always just outta pocket”

And finally

  • “Denver sucks. Don’t move here.”

That last sentiment pretty much sums it up, if the responses were the only facet of Denver. But we all know why we stay in Denver, and the good outweighs the bad in so many ways.


[Featured image by Andrew Coop on Unsplash]