Check Out Denver’s Only Yucatecan Food Truck Bringing You A Taste Of Mayan Culture

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Check Out Denver’s Only Yucatecan Food Truck Bringing You A Taste Of Mayan Culture

Denver, meet your next favorite meal.

If you’ve never tried Mayan food and you’ve wanted to, then you’re in luck. X’Tabai Yucateco is Denver’s premier food truck of its kind, selling delicious Mayan inspired dishes created using PreHispanic techniques. What’s PreHispanic techniques? It’s a style of cooking and ingredients that predates colonial times, so we’re talking Pre-Columbus. Lots of Mexican food incorporates this style of cooking in it in a callback to traditional Mayan roots. Does it get more authentic than that?

That’s not the only interesting fact about X’Tabai Yucateco. Looking into the name of the eatery itself, we can see that they’ve named themselves after the Mayan demon from Yucatan Mythology. X’Tabay was a demon who lured men to their deaths with her beauty and prowess. As the woman depicted on the colorful and inviting food truck, it seems she’s inviting you, not to your death, but to your next delicious meal.

What types of meals are they cooking? Well they specialize in a few different meats that can be made a few different ways. The style can range from tacos to costras (which is protein wrapped in a cheese crust) to panuchos (which is a housemade corn tortilla stuffed with black beans and protein of your choice. Choose from cochinita pibil (chicken and pickled onions), relleno negro (turkey with chimole, egg, and avocado), or cecina (flank steak with chicarrones). They’ve also got a delicious looking chilequiles on the menu as well.

Follow along with them with their calendar on their website, which highlight a list of all the venues they’ll be stopping at.


[featured image by x’tabai yucateco via Instagram]

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