10 Of Colorado’s Snowiest Cities For A Wintry Weekend Away

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10 Of Colorado’s Snowiest Cities For A Wintry Weekend Away

Looking for a snowy getaway to end the winter season?

The winter season has just begun, so it’s time to get excited for snowy adventures and cute mountain cities. With snowboarding season officially upon us, we thought we’d gather Colorado’s 10 cuties, snowiest cities for a wintry weekend getaway.

1. Crested Butte

The beautiful mountain village of Crested Butte is also Colorado’s snowiest city. Once an old coal mining town that has now shifted to a great little ski town for skiing and other recreational activities. Its annual snowfall hovers around 216.6 inches during an average of 66 days, making around 18 feet of snow per year! No wonder this is considered by some to be Colorado’s last great ski town.

2. Vail

The second snowiest town in Colorado is Vail, and it holds the largest ski resort in Colorado. Getting around 190 inches of snow per year, Vail is a notable place for skiing, dining, its boutique hotels, and golfing resorts in the summer.

3. Aspen

The infamous mountain town of Aspen is as high-end as it is snowy. With an average of 178 inches of snow over a span of 69 days, it definitely is a contender for one of Colorado’s snowiest. Catch some fresh powder in the afternoon followed by one of America’s best cocktails at The Snow Lodge.

4. Leadville

An average of 68 days of snow and over 150 inches of snow makes Leadville a wintery wonderland to enjoy during its peak winter months, December and January. Its subarctic climate makes for cold winters and mild summers, so Leadville is perfect for skiers, and snowboarders. But Leadville is also popular amongst hikers and campers for being situated between a few wilderness areas, like Turquoise Lake.

5. Boulder

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder was once a hippie town that’s now recreated themselves as a recreational city that gets an average of 88 inches of snow over 35 days. It’s surrounded by thousands of acres of recreational are and has a lively arts and culture community that’s got ties to its old bohemian roots.

6. Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a snowy city and an internationally known winter destination that averages around 179 inches of snow over 67 days. A dreamy winter destination is nothing without an array of fun activities, and Steamboat Springs has got them. Anything from dog sledding to hot air balloon riding, Steamboat is as fun as it is beautiful.

7. Telluride

Telluride is a town known for its seasonal activities; skiing and snowboarding of course being one of them due to Telluride’s average of 170 inches of snow per year. Lined with beautiful Victorian homes, Telluride is a quaint mountain town that sits perfectly at the foot of Colorado’s snow-capped mountains.

8. Durango

Durango averages around 68 inches of snow a year with ideal lodging and recreational activities to spend the weekend with friends and family. One such activities to enjoy is the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad that’s open year round to drive you through the canyons of San Juan National Forest take you back to an earlier time.

9. Ouray

Ouray, sometimes called the “Switzerland of America”, is a snow-covered mountain town that averages over 130 inches of snow per year. Ouray is perfect for year round explorations of Southwest Colorado. One of their biggest and most exciting activities is located within the Ice Park, where you can practice ice climbing. The Ice Park is open until Mid-March, so you’ve still got a couple of weeks left.

10. Fort Collins

Fort Collins gets about 47 inches of snow every year, averaging just a little less than Denver. Though this latest record snowstorm may change that. This old historic town has got everything from craft beer tasting to recreational areas to hike and camp in, to hotels. Don’t forget about the bicycling culture Fort Collins has. Overall, every city has something fun to offer you no matter what kind of winter weekend getaway you’re after.


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