Record-Breaking Cold And Avalanches Hit Denver This Winter

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Record-Breaking Cold And Avalanches Hit Denver This Winter

This Valentine’s Day has been the coldest on record.

Colorado has been dealing with some arctic wind for the past weekend, with Sunday, Valentine’s Day, being the coldest on record. Lows are expected to be even colder today, Monday, February 15th. Early morning could potentially see temperatures as low as -20 degrees. If the sky remains cloudy, those temperatures would be closer to -6 to -12.

This weekend saw highs of 8 and a high of 0 on Sunday, with lows reaching -8 to -16. But as the week goes on, temperatures will begin to rise into more regulated temperatures. Until then, make sure to dress safe and protect pets from the winter cold.

There’s also been a record-breaking amount of avalanche deaths this season across the nation, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. From December to February–only half way through the season–there has already been 24 deaths, while the 2019-2020 season had 23 during its entirety. The week between January 31st to February 6th saw 15 deaths, and was the deadliest week since 1910, when an avalanche dislodged two trains and ended up killing 96 people.

There have also been avalanche deaths in California, Utah, Arkansas, and New Hampshire. Colorado has reported over 500 avalanches since January 30th. The link between deaths and COVID-19 has been speculated as more people are participating in recreational sports. Avalanches have also been higher than normal due to a relatively dry start of the season followed by large amounts of snow. Travel is unadvised right now during this time due to the fragility of the snow in the mountains.


[featured image by Julia Karvanusha via Unsplash]

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