13 Terrifyingly Fun Things To Do This Halloween In Denver

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13 Terrifyingly Fun Things To Do This Halloween In Denver

Fill the rest of your October with paranormal tours and chilling festivals.

The spirit of Halloween is alive and well in Denver with tours, haunts, and events galore. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of all the themed events you can attend in Denver, which is why we wanted to create this convenient little guide to help you decide what type of spooky vibe you’re going for this Halloween. If you’re ready for a fantastic October filled with all the funnest, scariest, most thrilling Halloween events in Denver, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 13 spooky plans that you can get tickets for right now.

1. Experience a unique culinary experience at Dining in the Dark Upper Larimer

If you’ve ever wanted to stimulate your sense of taste and smell, what better way than to try out this sensory experience? Dining in the Dark has come to Upper Larimer, so get ready for a culinary experience as unique as it is tasty. Be guided into a room plunged into darkness and led towards a table with your friends, where you’ll dine blindfolded. With the elimination of sight, the science says your other senses will kick into high gear. You can get your tickets for this three course meal in Upper Larimer right now.

2-5. Attend a spooky costumed bar crawl through some of Denvers’s most haunted pubs

There are a number of haunted pub crawls for you to enjoy this spooky season here in Denver, so if you’re in the mood for spirits and more spirits, we’ve got you covered. Icehouse Tavern will be hosting a costumed, Halloween bar crawl complete with food specials at each venue, plus karaoke or stop by the Celtic on Market (where they’ve got the nation’s first ever pizza vending machine) and party at some of Denver’s best pubs while listening to awesome DJ sets. Finally, you can check out Brothers Bar for a bar crawl where costumes are highly encouraged.

6. Enjoy your favorite Halloween theme songs by flickering candlelight

If you’re looking for a Halloween event in Denver that’s a little more low-key but still as thrilling, check out the wildly popular Candlelight Concerts. They’re hosting a special, one-of-a-kind Halloween event that combines a historical, rumored-to-be haunted venue and horror classics played by a string quartet. What’s more, the venue will be lit by atmospheric, flickering candlelight to set the mood. Listen to favorites like the theme from Halloween, Psycho, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

7. Take a ghost tour through one of Denver’s historic neighborhoods

See some of Denver’s most spooky and historic sites this Halloween on a spooky, paranormal tour. You’ll meet your guide over on Sherman and listen to Denver’s bloody history. Stories of betrayal, greed, red light districts, and more will be whispered into the night, and who knows, maybe this trip down memory lane will call to some of Denver’s lingering spirts.

8. Attend a festival that celebrates the curious, spooky, and strange

The Oddities & Curiosities Expo has made its way across the nation and has finally made its way here to Denver. The expo highlights the nation’s most unique vendors, where artisans will sell their wares. From Halloween-themed trinkets to artwork, handmade goods, odd jewelry, skulls/bones, funeral collectibles, and more unique items than you’ve never seen before in your life. It’s a feast for the eyes and a place where the strange and weird and curious can feel a sense of community.

9. Attend a spooky burlesque show dedicated to the iconic characters of American Horror Story

If you’ve ever seen American Horror Story, you’ll likely remember the cast of amazing and unique characters that have been a part of the show’s multi-series. Now, get a chance to hang out with the characters again at this burlesque, cabaret show that sounds as fun as it sounds spooky. The performance will take place at the Clocktown Cabaret and run from $35 to $40 dollars. Don’t miss your chance to catch a one-of-a-kind theater performance this Halloween in Denver.

10. Attend Denver’s biggest communion of witches at Witchfest

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

On Saturday, October 23rd from 6-10pm, you can attend WitchFest at Elitch Gardens. Enjoy an evening of magic and performance, and partake in some of the world’s oldest traditions, such as tarot cards, aura readings, dream weavers, rituals and priestess demonstrations. Succumb to the forces of magic and nature for one mystic evening with some of Denver’s finest witches.

11-13. Drink spirits at one of these brand new spooky themed-cocktail bars

image by pao_denver via instagram

Denver has got no shortage of spooky bars lining its streets, but the excitement doesn’t just end at the kitsch. They’re also creating magnificent and expert cocktails in tiki form, out of blood pouches, and much more. Enjoy a night full of spirits, horror movies, and eclectic vibes at these 3 new cocktail bars that just hit Denver this year. Be warned though, Spirits is a pop up bar that’s only here through Halloween. Whichever you pick, an evening spent at one of these bars will be a perfect Halloween event in Denver.

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