5 Immersive Art Experiences That Are Redefining The Denver Art Space

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

5 Immersive Art Experiences That Are Redefining The Denver Art Space

Immersive art has taken Denver by storm.

Immersive art experiences have taken over Denver by storm, likely from their accessibility, the rise of technology, and a world still dealing with stress from the pandemic that has pushed society towards escapism. Whether or not you think that is a good thing is a whole other argument. While we’re not here to debate if pop-up art experiences are true art (leave us a comment to let us know what you think!) we would like to celebrate the creative minds and worlds behind some of these new and unique experiences sweeping across the nation. From exhibits that bring you in for a closer look at works of art, to narratives that invite you along as a participant, here are 5 immersive art experiences we think are wildly interesting here in Denver.

1. Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf has taken the local art scene by storm with its upcoming permanent exhibit right here in Denver after its wild success in Santa Fe & Las Vegas. They’ve just unveiled the juicy details behind their upcoming narrative experience that combines storytelling with art immersion. Set in a time where worlds have collided, people have lost their memories, and 4 women have gone missing, it’s up to the participant to piece together the clues of this strange, alien world. Step out of Denver and into Meow Wolf this September 17th.

Where: 1338 1st St, Denver, CO 80204

2. SpectraArt

Spectra Art Space is a gallery here in Denver that puts on art events, galleries, and auctions, but one of their latest collaborations with the local Denver scene that resulted in the narrative of Novo Ita. Novo Ita is what happens when you combine the natural world and technology in an immersive experience that tells a story about the future of our world. They just opened in July so they’re still a fairly new experience!

Where: 1836 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

3. Marijuana Mansion

Marijuana Mansion is a selfie museum that pays homage to the wild world of cannabis. Take a self-guided tour through the mansion with your camera in tow and get ready to become an art piece in the sets themselves. Each room has a unique set design, from the photo above that features a “Pot Tub Time Machine” to a tropical inspired room with a swing to vintage-esque living that perfectly fit the mansion. Check out their page for more information on tickets.

Where: 1244 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203

4. The Bright Lights of Denver

Brought to you by the Denver Center of Performing Arts, you can take part in an immersive narrative experience that lets you search the city for clues. “Aspiring novelist-turned-journalist Ryan Streeter begins diving into the history and allure of Denver for a new podcast. But when a simple encounter with a source ends in a  sudden disappearance, Ryan is caught in the middle of a Mile High mystery he could never have anticipated.” The performance is part investigative podcast, part theatrical story, and, if you choose, a city-wide scavenger hunt.

Where: 1101 13th St, Denver, CO 80204

5. Project Joy Bomb

This Friday at the Colfax Art Crawl, you can watch the eclectic and amazing performances of the collective, Handsome Little Devil, as they put on their live Project Joy Bomb performances. Project Joy Bomb consists of socially distanced mobile performances that combine the circus and theater with a healthy dose of comedy. Catch them this Friday at the art crawl and why not buy some art while you’re at it? Handsome Little Devil is a duo that brings theater, whimsy, and art to the city of Denver through visual art and live performances, and they collaborate with the local community. We can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Where: 1560 Teller St, Lakewood, CO 80214


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